Public Speaking

Public Speaking


Companies with gender-balanced teams repeatedly increase their profits, innovation, and inclusion. That means you need women in your tech company. Here's the problem: 50% of women in tech are exiting by 35 years of age to other industries. The worldwide cost of replacing workers is 1.6 trillion dollars!

With an ever-increasing demand for tech workers and quickly decreasing supply of available talent, “Houston, we have a problem!”

It’s time to evolve and the workplace revolution has to happen fast. From replacing outdated HR programs to increasing support to introducing mentorship programs, you can halt the brain drain that is costing your company profits, innovation, and inclusion.

Ready to be part of the solution to keeping women in tech? It’s time to inject rocket fuel into your company’s workplace revolution with The Women In Tech Corporate Accelerator!

In this workshop, you will learn:

Implementation strategies to solve why women are leaving in droves from tech including not being heard, recognized, promoted, or supported

Why educating leadership on gender management strategies - including managing women with children, women managing male staff and men managing female staff - is essential and how to do it

How to implement mentorship strategies to support women and help them rocket up the corporate ladder at the same rate as male counterparts

Target Audience:

Managers who manage women in tech (male or female)

Workshop Duration:

3 hours

Audience Size:

8-12 people from one organization

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